Some of our clients will occasionally ask us why we don’t carry cheap remote starter system options. While we do offer reasonable and fair prices on all of our products and services, we have found that inexpensive remote starters are not reliable. They cause more frustration than they are worth for our clients and us. The following are some issues we have encountered with cheap remote starter systems:

Range Problems

Unlike the systems we offer, many of the cheaper remote starter systems are unpredictable and unreliable when it comes to their range. The point of a remote starter is to give you a reliable way to start your car, SUV or truck from long distances. If you have to leave your house, apartment, office or any other building to start your vehicle, the engine will not have as much time to warm up.

Higher quality starter systems have features like spread-spectrum communication to help ensure that commands from the remote reliably reach the vehicle. We have systems that will give you global range using your smartphone.

High-Quality Components

Our starter systems are built using military-grade parts, making them reliable at all temperatures. Whether it’s 40’C or -40’C out, the tolerance of the components within our remotes, interfaces and control modules keeps the system functioning without issues. Cheap remote starter systems can’t do the same.

Durable Remote Designs

All of the remotes we offer are water resistant to ensure that they will function even if they are dropped in a puddle. For many of the newer vehicles we can utilize your factory remote.

We have two-way remotes and phone apps that will confirm when the doors are locked or unlocked, when the car is running and for how long. You will never have to guess again.

Flexible Systems Options

Compared to inexpensive starters, a variety of options are available with our systems. We can add smartphone-based controls of your vehicle so that you can use an app to lock, unlock or remote start your car from anywhere. You can even check the location of your vehicle using GPS for added peace of mind.

We can even have your starter automatically activate your rear window defroster, heated steering wheel or heated seats when it is cold outside. There are also control options for motorized tailgates on SUVs and power sliding doors on vans.

Expert System Installation Services

Our team of technicians obsess about where each component is mounted, how the wires run, and how they should make each electrical connection. All of our remote starter systems are fully integrated into your vehicle, not just wired and stuffed under your dash. Proper installation is critical for the reliability of your starter system and vehicle.

Drop by Cobra Car & Truck to speak to our team about remote starters and make your life easier. If you can’t drop by, feel free to give us a call or send us a message for more information.