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Remote Car Starters and Smartphone Remote Starters

Manually locking and unlocking your vehicle is an antiquated process. Locking, unlocking and starting your car with the simple push of a button is an easy solution you should invest in! Remote car starters may have been more of a luxury in the past, but nowadays, being able to start your car from the comfort and warmth of your home is a necessity! Being able to warm up your vehicle, cool it down or lock it when you’re already walking to the office is safe, convenient and saves you time! Cobra Car & Truck Accessories has high-quality, effective remote starters in Mississauga for you!
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Remote Starters We Carry

Able to control multiple vehicles with several features which is perfect for families. Easy to use, the AutoStart operates through your smartphone. With “Cloud-Connected Car” from your smartphone, you have access to a 2-way interaction between your vehicle and car. Additional features include:

– lock/unlock/start
– Panic
– Trunk Release
– Panic

Convenient remote starters that cools down or heats the vehicle before the driver enters. Has a one mile range, rechargeable battery and compatible with manual transmissions. Options available range from basic 1-way to LED 2-Way.
Upgradeable transmitter kits that are easy to hold, convenient and have up to one mile operating range. With LED screens to display the functions, the remote starters lock, unlock and have trunk release.
SmartKey Starter
Remote starter for Mercedes Benz, Infiniti or Volvo vehicles. Seamlessly integrated starter with a long operating range and all essential arm, disarm and start functions.
Viper Auto Security
Smartphone compatible with the ability to start, lock, unlock and track your vehicle. Sends locations if the vehicle enters/leaves an area with an unlimited operating range.
Auto Security Compustar
Smartphone compatible options or 1-way remotes available with extended ranges. Some of the most advanced remote starters in the world!