There is no doubt that automatic car starters offer many benefits in the freezing Canadian winters. Typically, car owners think about adding an automatic starter for their car as the winter months come closer. But did you know that car starters are equally utilitarian and offer plenty of benefits in the summer? If you are thinking about installing an automatic remote car starter for your car, spring is the perfect time for it. Here are the top reasons why installing a remote car starter for your vehicle is just as important in summers as in winters:

Cooling Your Car
For those who have experienced Canadian summers, you may already know that summers can be just as harsh as winters with temperatures soaring high. Especially if you have open parking in your residential area or workplace, where your vehicle will be parked in the sun for many hours at a time, you will notice that your car gets substantially heated up. Burning the back of your legs on a hot seat can be quite painful. Plus, your steering wheel could be exceptionally hot if it experiences direct sunlight. With an automatic remote car starter, you can switch on the air conditioner for a few minutes before getting into the car, allowing yourself to feel and drive comfortable.

Finding Your Car
Summers are times when families get out every weekend to spend time in the local parks and other entertainment places. Sometimes, parking lots can get unbelievably crowded, forcing you to find your car amidst hundreds of parked cars in an unfamiliar area. Thankfully with an automatic remote starter, you can press the panic feature button to trigger an alarm that leads you to your car. You will be able to locate your car among hundreds of parked vehicles in no time.

Theft Protection
Most automatic starters have many security features to foil theft like a mandatory key in the ignition to shift from the ‘park’ or an alarm that goes off if someone tries to open the car lock. These remote features help to safeguard your vehicle from theft and offer protection to the expensive asset.

Opening All the Doors at a Click
Many older cars do not have the feature which opens all the doors when you unlock the driver’s door. With a remote starter, you can unlock all the doors at once allowing your backseat occupants to get into the car at the same time as you. This feature comes in handy during car trips when all your family members have to get in and out after stopping at rest areas.

There are many ways in which an automatic car starter can make your life easier, no matter what the season is. If you want to get more information about car starters or want to install a remote car starter for your vehicle, contact Cobra Car & Truck today for guidance and installation.