Many people want the advantages that a remote car starter offers but are afraid it will void the warranty on their new vehicle. With that being said, you have nothing to fear when you bring your new ride to Cobra Car & Truck. Here are some reasons why you don’t have to be wary about getting a remote car starter on a new vehicle:

If It’s Done Right, Don’t Worry

Merely placing a remote starter can’t affect your new car warranty unless the installer does something incorrectly. If that is the case, then the onus is on the installer or their company to be liable for the cost to fix it.

Dealer Scare Tactics

When you hear dealerships try to scare you out of getting a remote car starter elsewhere, it is likely to get you to buy their product. Or, in some cases, it could be that they had difficulty diagnosing problems on their vehicles because they need to eliminate the remote starter as a possible source of the problem. This is not an unreasonable request, so you may be asked to have the starter removed. Dealers might blame your remote starter for problems with a new vehicle because it is an easy thing to fall back on. They can use it as a scapegoat while they scramble to find the real issue. That is why they will ask to have it removed temporarily – so that it can be eliminated as the source of the problem.

Backed By Experience

Over the past 20 years that we have been doing remote starters, we have not had any issues that caused permanent damage to the vehicle. There have been problems but once we are aware of them we correct it right away.

Installing a remote car starter requires working with the vehicle’s electrical system. You want someone with the proper products, technical backup and experience to work on your car. A company that has been in business for some time and will still be there should a problem arise is a must when adding a remote starter to your vehicle.

Back to the Source

If your remote car starter is having issues, contact a shop with experience in the field. They should be able to pinpoint the problem in less than an hour. A dealer or another shop can spend much longer, and you are paying by the hour.

The cost of a remote starter can vary as there are so many types with different features.

To be sure you are getting the right remote car starter for your vehicle, contact Cobra. Our experienced technicians will make sure it is installed properly and works seamlessly with the rest of the systems in your vehicle. Call us today or stop by our shop to learn more.