The features of modern cars have changed significantly over the past several years. One of the best features is a remote car starter. Not all vehicles come with this option, however, with only minor modifications a remote control starter can be installed on almost any vehicle. The remote starter is operated by either your factory key fob, a remote supplied with the starter, a smart phone app or a combination of these. The most obvious benefit of having a remote starter is being able to start your car without having to go outside, but there are also a number of other great benefits that come with having a remote car starter.

Good for the Engine

If you do not have a remote car starter, you have definitely been through the experience of sitting in your car while the engine warms up in freezing cold Canadian winters. A remote car starter is a boon when it comes to warming the car engine before driving during the winter. With a remote starter, one can simply turn on the engine and wait for a few minutes so that the car warms up adequately. Warming a car engine is a must as it helps the oil to warm up, providing better lubrication throughout the motor.

Protection against weather

When you turn on the car heater, it takes a little time to warm up your car interiors. With a remote starter, as your vehicle starts your interior heating also starts. So while you are waiting for your engine to warm up, your car interiors are also getting cozy and warm. Imagine escaping into a warm and cozy car from the cold winters. Similarly, in hot summers, you can simply switch on the car’s AC and let it cool down your vehicle beforehand. A remote car starter can offer the luxury and comfort you wish from the changing weather.

Security and Safety

Being able to start your car without leaving the keys in it is one of the best benefits of a remote car starter. This keeps your vehicle safe and secure against theft. During the winter months, when there is snow and ice on the windshield, you can simply set the defrost beforehand and start the car. The defrost will work on the snow and ice before you come outside saving you the trouble of scraping and driving with poor visibility.

Resale value

Did you know that cars that have remote starter have a higher resale value? A remote car starter can increase your vehicle’s resale value, especially if you live in an area with extreme changes in the weather conditions. Installing a remote starter is an inexpensive modification which can provide a useful selling point for you. Whether you are selling to a private individual or doing a trade-in at a car dealership, a remote starter can help you to raise the selling price.

Good for you

A remote starter will do the obvious, prepare the vehicle interior temperature for you. Heated seats, heated steering wheels and defrosters are some of the other cold fighting accessories that can be activated by a remote starter.

If you purchase the phone app feature you can lock/unlock car doors from anywhere with cellular service. Car tracking and alarm notification are also possible.


Only have a remote starter installed by an experienced installer at a company that will be there should you have a problem. With all due respect, few licensed mechanics are capable of installing remote starters. If you decide to purchase a remote starter on line or other than from the company that installs it, you may not save money. Most installers will charge more to install someone else’s product and should there be a problem, warranty or otherwise you will be paying labour costs to fix the issue.

If you do not have a vehicle that has a remote starter already installed and are considering installing one, there are many styles and price ranges that you can choose from. For expert information on remote car starters, contact Cobra today.