The technology behind remote vehicle starters has come a long way since first being introduced in the 1990’s. Along with it has come many misconceptions regarding what a remote starter can and can’t do. Well, here are five myths about remote starters that simply aren’t true.

It’s Only Useful in the Winter

Commonly thought to only warm up the car for winter driving. While great, people tend to forget that opposite temperatures can benefit from the features of an automatic remote starter. In the summer months, when your seats and steering wheel are heating up from your car sitting out in the sun all day, you’ll be grateful for the starter. You can turn on the air conditioning and cool down your vehicle without burning yourself.

It Wastes Gas

Because your car is left running for several minutes to cool down or heat up your vehicle, it’s assumed that gas is being eaten up in the process. However, it’s actually been shown to improve gas mileage. Starting your car in the dead of winter and driving off immediately causes your engine to work overtime, consuming more gas in the process. Leaving it on for a few minutes before driving off will help with fuel efficiency and the health of your vehicle’s engine.

Don’t Need a Third-Party Starter

The factory remote starter you get when buying a car usually lacks features that are available in aftermarket systems. There are two big additions when you buy a third-party remote starter: range and two-way feedback. Being able to start your car from farther distances may not seem like much when you’re at home, but when you’re at work or out shopping, you’ll be thankful for the increased range. Two-way feedback is also a great feature, in that you can be out of sight when starting your vehicle. Most factory starters require your vehicle and starter to be visible to one another so the signal is received.

The Manual Transmission Excuse

There are some remote starter brands that allow for manual transmission compatibility. They use a reservation mode that monitors the vehicle to ensure it’s not in gear. This ensures that it’s safe to be started remotely. You can also find remote starters that monitor any acceleration, effectively shutting off the vehicle if there’s movement detected during startup.

Do It Yourself Installation

Don’t attempt to install your own remote starter system unless you’re a trained professional as it’s a complicated process. Most mechanics do not install remote starters. An established car accessory dealerships like Cobra is authorized to install automatic remote starters, so you’re guaranteed a complete and successful installation process complete with the manufacturer’s warranty backing. Furthermore, it is better to buy your remote starter from the place doing the installation. You will pay more to have your remote starter installed, the manufacturer’s warranty may be voided and you want to be sure someone will be there to support you should there be a problem.

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