You may have never thought about it but remote car starters are one of the best features that you can get for your vehicle. If you live in harsh and unpredictable climates, an automatic remote starter can be a great investment if you don’t already have it. During winter months, your car components, like the engine and batteries, are exposed to exceptionally low temperatures. This causes your battery to easily die off, especially when parked in open parking spaces. Freezing temperatures cause your car battery to lose a significant amount of voltage, making it harder for your engine to start. Although car batteries remain functional despite lower temperatures for at least two to three years, getting them examined from a mechanic is a must. With dropping temperature your car transmission becomes heavier too.

Aside from having your vehicle regularly checked, one thing that you can do for your car is add a remote starter. Adding a remote car starter before the onset of winter can help you to start enjoying the benefits of the remote starter even before the temperatures drop.


Here are some ways that an automatic car starter or remote starter can help you to save time:

Heating the engine

Driving off without adequately warming the engine during sub-zero temperatures can cause the engine to crack according to many automobile experts. It is extremely important to make sure that the engine is warmed up adequately before driving the car and starting your journey. But warming the engine when it is minus temperatures outside takes a few long minutes. Without a remote starter, you may have to sit in your cold car and wait for the engine to warm for a few minutes. The chances are that you may be tempted to simply drive off. With a remote starter, you can simply remain indoors in a nearby area, start your car and wait for a few minutes, allowing your car to warm up adequately. It can save your waiting time.

Warming the interiors

If you do not have a remote starter and have sat in your car waiting for the engine to warm up and the heater to work its magic, you may already know that interior heating also requires a little time when the temperatures outside are zero. With a remote starter, you no longer have to wait in your freezing cold car until the temperature gets comfortable enough for you to drive off. Simply remote start your car and wait indoors for some time and you can walk right into a warm cozy well-heated car, thanks to your remote starter. Heated seats, heated steering wheels and defrosters are some of the other cold fighting accessories that can be activated by a remote starter.

A remote starter helps you to save a lot of waiting time and manage your daily routine comfortably. If you do not have a remote starter already, speak to Cobra (since 1984, 35 years). No matter which car you own, they have a range of models and price options and would be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.